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Diversity and Inclusion Training in the Workplace

Organizations, like individuals, have distinct attitudes and beliefs influencing their actions. Behavioral shifts are crucial for organizational change. Our diversity and inclusion training workshops employ engaging mediums for lasting impact.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs

Diversity refers to the special qualities that define each individual, including their race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Inclusion, on the other hand, ensures that everyone feels like they belong in the workplace, regardless of their differences.

This fosters a company culture where diverse perspectives are valued, contributing to problem-solving and innovation. When companies invest in diversity and inclusion training programs, they create an environment where employees can thrive and collaborate effectively.

This benefits both the employees and the company as a whole, as it promotes creativity, teamwork, and overall success.

What is the Difference Between D&I and DEI?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) expands on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) by emphasizing equity and ensuring fair outcomes. Equity recognizes that fairness varies with an individual's societal power. While equality focuses on equal opportunities, equity considers accommodations for fair results, acknowledging individual differences.

We think including 'B' in DEIB is important because feeling like you belong is key to making workplaces fair and inclusive.

Film & Gamified Learning

Signature Programme 

Flip the Script Flip the Script

An action packed, interactive workshop where participants experience first person narratives across various inclusion barriers as gripping films, followed by polls, interaction and conceptual debriefs.

The program focuses on redefining societal messages, addressing biases encountered by different underestimated groups, microaggressions, inclusive language, allyship and fostering a culture of inclusion. Gain a deeper understanding of the distinction between equity and equality and learn to embrace equity with Breath Beings’ Equity Commandments ©.

Spectrum Beings

Spectrum Beings A participatory workshop where allies understand LGBTQ+ identities, acknowledge privilege, and embrace allyship through the Breath Beings’ Actions for Allyship © Framework.


EmbraceAbility A PwD (People with Disabilities) sensitisation workshop where participants understand types of disability, dispel myths, learn inclusive vocabulary and ways to cultivate empathy. Participants understand aspects of reasonable accommodation and equal opportunity that help in creating inclusive workplaces.


Gamified Learning 

FAIR GameA workshop designed as an interactive game that focuses on biases during the hiring and performance review processes

The 3 Types of Diversity

Individuals' unique identities encompass various facets. Organizations capture and aggregate these traits to create a snapshot of their workforce demographics at a specific moment.

Organizations can understand these identity traits within three categories in the context of DEI.

Inherent traits

Gender, identity, ability, and caste form the inherent traits that uniquely define individuals, crucial for understanding diversity in organizations.

Acquired traits

Diversity of thought, languages spoken, income levels, and work experience contribute to acquired traits shaping individuals and enriching organizational diversity.

Organizational acquired traits

Management status, department connection, and workplace location are important traits that help define different roles in a diverse workforce.


Signature Programme 

Kaun Banega Bias Free Kaun Banega Bias Free

A theatre led workshop inspired by KBC unpacks various forms of bias through a game show.The performance uses comedy, musicality & movement to bring to life scenarios across the employee life cycle, where exclusionary behaviours potentially play out. The program inspires participants to think about ways to nurture a culture of inclusion where everyone feels trusted, respected and valued.

Knock, Knock, who’s there?

Knock, Knock, who’s there? A theatre based workshop for women professionals to show up proactively towards their aspirational self with confidence, presence and an ability to navigate biases.

Tales through the Kaleidoscope

Tales through the KaleidoscopeA performance of contemporary children’s fables that breaks norms and stereotypical boundaries to nudge reflection towards a new Inclusion narrative filled with possibilities.

Nukkad Natak

Nukkad NatakA street theatre performance which evokes reflections around the importance of an inclusive environment, touching various moments which employees experience in their everyday work life.

Leadership & Expert programs

Signature Programme 

Design for Inclusion Design for Inclusion

A uniquely curated leadership alignment workshop that enables organisations to chart out their DEIB goals and create a shift in leadership action from thinking and doing to feeling, believing, thinking and doing.

DEI Charter

DEI Charter Starting your DEI journey? Starting your DEI journey? Begin by forming a DEI Council and crafting a Charter. Our experts guide you in creating an insight-driven Charter and establishing metrics via a DEI Dashboard.

Storytelling for Belonging

Storytelling for BelongingIn this uniquely curated workshop, leaders and managers learn to craft stories about moments of Inclusion. These stories will help create a culture of collaboration, trust and nurture a sense of belonging.

Amplifying DEIB

Amplifying DEIBWe help amplify conversations around Inclusion through various thought leadership forums nudging audiences towards progression in the space of DEIB. We enable this in the form of panel discussions, expert talks and knowledge partnering at DEIB conferences.

The Different Types of
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Workshops

How Breath Beings' Training Courses Can Help You

Breath Beings' training can help with your Diversity & Inclusion goals. Our diversity equity and inclusion training for managers supports nurturing inclusive behaviors. We also have a range of interventions for all employees to build awareness and enable in building of an inclusive environment. We have signature offerings around Allyship and Belonging for Leadership.

Why Breath Beings?

We make Diversity and Inclusion training programs relatable, relevant, engaging, and impactful through our unique learning experiences. We create customized solutions for your organization.

Expertise in Diversity and Inclusion

Our experts come with significant experience in the space of Diversity & Inclusion training. We assist you in making positive changes that improve employee well-being, productivity, and retention.

Customized Solutions for Your Organization

We customize the training intervention based on the challenges specific to your organization.

Engaging Learning Experiences

Our programs support in reducing reliance on under-represented communities to educate others. We tell stories from people in under-represented groups to help everyone learn better. This makes employees feel more comfortable speaking up about their own experiences.

the team

the team

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Amruta Choudhury

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Aruna Ganesh Ram

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Manasi Chaudhari

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Board of Advisor

Ruchira Gokhale

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Frequently asked questions

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We begin by assessing employee experiences. Then, we identify areas that need improvement. Next, we utilize various training formats and interventions to bridge these gaps. Finally, we support your organization throughout its journey toward Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

Prioritizing diversity and inclusion can help attract and retain talented employees, as all of us want our opinions and ideas to be valued.

To create a more inclusive culture for LGBTQ+ employees, companies can provide education, establish supportive policies and resource groups, and foster an open and accepting work environment.

Companies need to follow anti-discrimination laws to make sure their programs are fair and inclusive.

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